Bridgekeeper Gisli Hundbotuun


Status: Alive
Alignment: NG
Description: The Old Bridgekeeper of the River Varding, dresses in a thick, dark cloak and has a long grey beard. He likes to sing old sailor’s songs, as well.


Story: Once the keeper of the tollbooth across the River Varding, Gisli now poles a barge across the thaw-swollen river to allow people to cross. He has an excellent eye for the rapids in the river, and knows the place like the back of his hand.
He’s been heard singing two songs, so far:

“The sun may rise east and lie down in the west,
Yet ever so often, it refuses to rest;
Should you ever find that you’re in quite a bind,
Call ye on Heimdall, the gold weaver’s find;
And all those who fear draw to close to the seer,
To drown in her lusty deceit.”

His story of what happened at Vardingbriga is this: The bridge was attacked by a party of Uruks (about 15-20). Two guards were stationed with him but when the Uruks came, there were too many for the three of them to fight, so they quickly made their way aboard the boat they had at the landing and paddled upriver away from the Uruks. The Uruks seemed to only come to destroy the bridge, however, and plunder their things, and left soon afterwards. Before they paddled out of sight, they saw a bigger Uruk, covered in blood, without armor or weapons and astride a huge, sinister wolf of some kind, doing something on the bridge, but they didn’t stay around to find out what. When they got back, a few hours later, the bridge was collapsed in the middle.

After questing around Vardingbriga for a few days and recovering the tolls collected by the bridge, Gisli gave the characters a letter to deliver to the Jarl, which they have done.

Bridgekeeper Gisli Hundbotuun

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