Elkhound Aldo


Status: Alive
Alignment: N
Description: Ljotstein’s massive Elkhound, grayish brown with a friendly muzzle. He was slobbery, foolish, playful, and outgoing – extremely friendly and excited to see anyone.


Story: Ljotstein introduced his dog with this, “And this ferocious beast is none other than the mighty Aldo! Beware him, else ye might die of a friendly tousling!” Aldo jumped up on every one of the heroes that entered Bergensala except Marit, as he was intrigued more in Dusk than Marit. During the night there, Aldo played a bit with Solvar, chasing him around and carrying him gently in his mouth (while Solvar protested mightily); yet found his most interesting playmate in Dusk, who was decidedly uninterested in playing to begin with. The big dog ran around Dusk as the wolf snarled and growled, yet did nothing but move just inside Dusk’s bite range and then jump out, just to keep the wolf honest, wagging his tail and giving Dusk signs to play the whole time. Eventually Aldo’s friendly demeanor disarmed the wolf, and the two of them began fighting (friendly fighting, of course) and chasing one another around the hall. Later that night, the two even laid down together. Aldo was not all completely pleasant, and later that night assisted Ljotstein in attacking the raiders; he managed to pull a thief off of his horse and held him down until the others could kill him. As the heroes left, he was certain to give everyone a massive lick before they got onto the road.

Elkhound Aldo

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