Gnomish Moneychanger Tuckleberry (first name unknown)


Status: Alive
Alignment: N
Description: A short, squat, Gnomish moneychanger. He has grayish skin covered in warts, a head of stringy white hair, and an oversized, bulbous nose.


Story: Tuckleberry was a moneychanger that was given trusteeship over the heroes’ goods while they were in Trondheim. He found excellent deals for them and covered their money from their winnings at the Holmdall, so the heroes’ cash is secure in his hands for the moment. He also made out like a bandit – probably making more than 1,000 gold in fees and cuts from them so far already, which is probably more than he’s made the entire time he’s been at Trondheim!

Gnomish Moneychanger Tuckleberry (first name unknown)

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