Halfling Performer Fastolph (Thief)


Status: Alive
Alignment: CN
Description: The halfling fiddler, an older gent with unkempt black hair and a frizzy moustache. He wore a cap the whole time. After the heroes’ night there, he was revealed to also be a thief.


Story: Falstoph was one of the halflings at Vardingbriga. While congenial, Fastolph was content to remain in the background, laughing and playing the fiddle the whole time. When approached, he was pleasant, but he wasn’t very direct as Jeraboam and Seraphina were. Like the others, however, he was part of the thieves’ troope (though he engaged in no thievery directly). The next morning, he was the one to get up, feigning sleepiness, and distract Aric and Olaf Skarison (who were standing watch) so that his compatriots could have free reign in their clandestine activities. He also got the cart ready and woke Gisli Hundbotuun, the Bridgekeeper, so that they could get away before the sun came up.

Halfling Performer Fastolph (Thief)

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