Halfling Performer Mirabella (Thief)


Status: Alive
Alignment: CN
Description: Halfling pipeplayer, an older halfling lady with greying hair and a matronly disposition. She also sang. After the heroes’ night there, she was revealed to also be a thief.


Story: Mirabella was one of the halfings at the camp at Vardingbriga. She was very pleasant for most of the heroes to interact with, and she served as a source of information initially for several of them. Her maternalistic ways were used to good effect in making sure everyone had enough to eat, danced, and in general enjoyed themselves while in the camp. However, she too was putting up a ruse and was a thief. She intended initially to rob Brynja, yet after Brynja wound up spending the night with Broki and the fact that the halflings liked both of them, Mirabella decided not to rob Brynja and settled on a different target. She got away with the rest of the halfling theives’ troope early in the morning the next day.

Halfling Performer Mirabella (Thief)

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