Huskarl Audunn Deadkidney


Status: Alive
Alignment: N
Description: The last of the huskarls at Bergensala. He is the drunkard. He carries a lute that he doesn’t play, and a large bottle is tied to his left wrist. He usually takes a swig of mead every few minutes, and will not refuse any kind of dare.


Story: As the heroes entered Bergensala, they were met to drunken choruses by Audunn of:

“We drink and we fight and we drink some more,
We drink and we fight and we drink some more,
We drink till we can’t stand up anymore,
Then we wake and we puke and we drink some more!!!!”

He proceeded to get drunker and drunker during the night, offering some small conversation and singing along with Brynja when she did so, but that was it. By the time the raiders returned that night, he was passed out by the fire, and did not assist in the fight; Hogni woke him sometime later with a bucket of water, and he shakily assisted in putting out the fires during the night. When the heroes left Bergensala, he was passed out again in the hall.

Huskarl Audunn Deadkidney

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