Huskarl Bjorn Reginson


Status: Alive
Alignment: NG
Description: One of the huskarls the heroes encountered at Bergen. A handsome young man with long, shaggy brown hair in a windswept pattern. He has to tuck it behind his ears in order to see things. He is much younger than his fellows at Bergensala. He’s kind of thinner, but not scrawny, and most of his equipment seems new and in good repair. He also wears a green nordic cloak, which covers most of his back but leaves the front of his shirt and armor exposed. He was quite shy, and blushed every time he looked at Brynja.


Story: Bjorn remained quiet through most of the conversation at Bergensala, even though he took sideways glances at Brynja from time to time. He was goaded mercilessly by Ljotstein the Bear to go say something or speak to Brynja, yet the young man could never summon the courage. Later, when the highwaymen entered the hall and demanded service, Therold Goddrinson threatened Bjorn, throwing him up against a column and brandishing his axe, all the while demanding his money. Brynja then intervened on Bjorn’s behalf, and a fight ensued. Later, when Bjorn came to thank her, Brynja proceeded to “make him a man,” taking his virginity. When the raiders returned that night, he quickly dressed himself and threw himself into the fray, killing at least one of the raiders on his own. The following day, he kissed Brynja goodbye and asked if he would ever see her again, to which she replied “If the Norns are willing.”

Huskarl Bjorn Reginson

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