Huskarl Einhar Ulfricson


Status: Deceased
Alignment: NE
Description: Yet another of the highwaymen huskarls that crashed everything at Bergensala. He was scrawny, sort of lean, with a predatory look in his eyes.


Story: He also entered Bergensala along with Jurik and the rest of the gang. While Jurik distracted everyone, Einhar took the opportunity to “practice his trade,” as it were, as a sexual predator; he tried to grab Ellie and pull her into a side room. However, once the fight commenced he was unable to hide, and had to release Ellie in order to fight Valko and Hardy. The two of them were eventually able to overpower him, and killed him while he was on top of the table.

Huskarl Einhar Ulfricson

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