Huskarl Halmar Riggason


Status: Alive
Alignment: N
Description: Another one of the huskarls waiting at the camp at Vardingbriga. Shadowed, austere, and even sinister, constantly staring at others; he remained shrouded by his tent, sitting on a couple of pipes. He always had his hood up and was constantly smoking a pipe.


Story: When the heroes arived at Vardingbriga, he remained by his tent, with a small fire in front of it, simply watching and waiting. He didn’t speak to the heroes at all that first night. Later on, once the heroes returned from the Bringas’ family farmstead, Halmar kept watch with Ulric that night. During the night, he discussed with Ulric some of his thoughts regarding the situation. He stated that it was possible that the Uruks the heroes had dealt with were from two different tribes; one stronger, with magical powers, and another doing the grunt work. This was due to the different costumes each seemed to wear. He also informed them of the deep cold for this late in the season, and that it might last a few days (which it appeared to do); for he and his fellows to be careful of ice along the road and take note of snow. He did note that this would keep the rivers from swelling too much as they progressed, and recommended that they purchase a large tent to keep themselves warm along the road, as well as an alarm or trip-wire system.
In general, despite being somewhat creepy, Halmar has proven to be a source of information for the moment.

Huskarl Halmar Riggason

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