Huskarl Jurik Wolfrunner


Status: Deceased
Alignment: LE
Description: Leader of the highwaymen huskarls that burst into Bergensala late the evening that the heroes arrived. He had a red-blond beard and hair, a very contemptuous and arrogant demeanor, and a scar through his left eye.


Story: Jurik busted into the hall a few hours after the heroes first got there, accompanied by much of the rest of his gang. After insulting just about everyone in the room, Jurik demanded to know why the Thane asked for he and his companion’s names, purpose, and money. After being chastised, he told them the names of he and his companions – specifically leaving out the names of the obvious thieves in his company, whom he stated “did not matter.” This was all a cover, so that his companions could begin to systematically move throughout the hall to engage in their illicit activities. He then walked straight up to Ulric, with the intention of challenging him, when he was interrupted by Hardy and some of the others. He would not take their attitude, so immediately attacked – yet this was upheld as a holmgang by Thane Rikart, who watch the proceedings bemusedly. Jurik was eventually killed by Ulric, with great difficulty.

Huskarl Jurik Wolfrunner

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