Huskarl Kole the Hammer


Status: Deceased
Alignment: CN
Description: One of the huskarls waiting at the camp at Vardingbriga. Handsome, red-haired brawler; he had a clean jawline and a generally pleasant disposition. He didn’t get his name “from the guys,” or so he says.


Story: When the heroes arived at Vardingbriga, he was very involved in the niceties of the camp, dancing with Seraphina, swigging mead, and singing when he knew the words. Later on that evening, however, as Hardy and Seraphina began to get a little more comfy, he felt compelled to challenge Hardy to a duel – but when he confronted the Dvergar, Hardy simply attacked (instead of accepting the confines of the challenge – Vyks duel without weapons or armor). In the ensuing fight, Hardy mortally wounded Kole, who retreated to his tent. Without medical attention and with only cursory attention from his fellows, Kole languished in his tent for five days before succumbing to his wounds.

Huskarl Kole the Hammer

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