Huskarl Lief Hadvarson


Status: Deceased
Alignment: N
Leader of the huskarls that the heroes encountered on the east side of Vardingbriga; brash, somewhat arrogant and contemptuous of lessers, but a no-nonsense type of fighter with his own grasp on common sense.


Invited Brynja to join them in a dice game while you all waited for the bridgekeeper to row over; hit on Brynja unsuccessfully and lost the game to her. Immediately left Vardingbriga after being towed across the river; the heroes tried to stop him and his group, but they would not listen. Found him dead with his throat torn out in the icehouse of the Bringas Manor. It was clear that he had fought with the Uruks of the woods near the manor, yet met his end at the hands of the ghoul Jorgan Bringas.

Huskarl Lief Hadvarson

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