Huskarl Myris Ulfberth


Status: Deceased
Alignment: NE
Description: The last of Jurik’s gang to enter Bergensala when the heroes were there. He did not seem as directly maleficent, but did have a very dark, shadowed look to him.


Story: He entered Bergensala along with Jurik and the others. Unlike the others, however, Myris seemed to have a discerning eye, and hung back from most of the combat. Eventually, when things began to turn south for the gang, Myris bolted to the back door and ran away. He was able to get away much faster than anyone else could catch up with him. He and some of the other thieves from Jurik’s gang then killed the guards and bolted down the road to Trondheim. While the heroes settled in to get some rest that night, Myris and his compatriots returned – and Myris himself led the raiders down the main street into the village, setting fire to buildings and attacking the residents. His efforts would come to naught, and he was killed by Ljotstein the Bear later that night.

Huskarl Myris Ulfberth

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