Huskarl Olaf Skarison


Status: Alive
Alignment: NG
Description: Yet Another one of the huskarls waiting at the camp at Vardingbriga. Very pleasant, effectively the “Jolly Fat Man” of the camp; has a small keg of mead and a drinking horn with him at all times, constantly swilling, and it is fairly obvious that he is drunk most of the time.


Story: When the heroes entered the camp at Vardingbriga, Olaf was keeping watch with Thorluk by the pikes protecting the entrances to the camp from the outside. He did not come into the camp that night, preferring to stand watch, but was very pleased to see the heroes return from the Bringas’ family farmstead. He welcomed them into Sven’s pavilion/inn and was quick to usher everyone to the fire; after commenting on Brynja’s beauty (and recieving a cold shoulder from Marit), Olaf asked the heroes if they would tell the story of what transpired at the farmstead. After listening, enraptured with the others, Olaf congratulated them and led them all in rounds of mead swilling, dancing, and singing.

Huskarl Olaf Skarison

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