Huskarl Therold Goddrinson


Status: Deceased
Alignment: NE
Description: Another one of the highwaymen huskarls that crashed everything at Bergensala. He was a big brute of a man, and was threatening just in his appearance.


Story: Therold entered with Jurik and the rest of the gang. After Jurik began to insult everyone loudly and accost the Thane, Therold pulled Bjorn to the side and attempted to rob him – brandishing his axe and telling him to give up his wallet. Brynja heard this (as did Hogni, who also moved to assist), and before anyone else could do anything, Brynja attempted to smack Therold in the face with some food. She missed, but the deed was done, and the fight commenced. Eventually, she, Valko, and Hardy overpowered the huskarl and killed him.

Huskarl Therold Goddrinson

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