Huskarl Thorluk Ingling


Status: Alive
Alignment: LG
Description: The final one of the huskarls at the camp at Vardingbriga. He was very serious and quite handsome, yet kept his hood up and was shadowed most of the time. He talked very precisely, with a clipped accent, and was very polite to the heroes, but was also fairly aloof and did not mingle.


Story: As with Olaf, Thorluk was keeping watch by the pikes when the heroes entered the camp at Vardingbriga. He remained on his station that night along with Aric. The next morning, early, Ulric got up and was able to spot an Uruk scout hiding just down the road; Thorluk was quick to inform the others, and shored up the defenses of the camp while Ulric scouted ahead. Once the heroes returned to the camp, Thorluk gave them an update on the status of things – that the Uruk sightings had seemed to decrease, though it still seemed dangerous to go off along the road alone, at night, or in groups of less than four.
He urged the heroes to take the two newcomers with them – Valko and Marit. He also informed them that they should hurry, as Jarl Haakon the Grey would be leaving in about a week. He was also the huskarl to inform the heroes that Sven, the Merchant, had hired the three of them (Thorluk, Olaf, and Halmar) to protect the camp, and that they would be remaining there semi-permanently. He welcomed the heroes back if ever their paths crossed again.

Huskarl Thorluk Ingling

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