Huskarl Volund Triggvason


Status: Deceased
Alignment: N
Description: One of the huskarls that the heroes encountered on the east side of Vardingbriga; a smartass little shit, said bawdy things to Brynja; was constantly getting smacked by his companions for his remarks, though he was excellent at the dice game.


Story: Like Lief Hadvarson, Volund invited Brynja over to the dice game and began saying lewd things to her, to the chagrin of his companions. Eventually, he bet a hefty sum in the dice game for a night with her, and the others chipped in; Brynja, however, turned the tables and won the game. Volund remained sullen thereafter, and left immediately with Lief Hadvarson upon reaching the other side of the River Varding. His fate is ultimately unknown; it is assumed he is either Uruk- or Ghoul-food.

Huskarl Volund Triggvason

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