Jarl Haakon Heruls the Grey


Status: Alive
Alignment: Unknown
Description: Ruler of Sjorshold, Jarl of Halla Heruls. He’s an older gentleman, in his late fifties or early sixties, still very strong and with a gleam of cunning in his eyes. His hair is all gray (hence the name), and he wears both his hair and his beard long. He has scars all across his body, and his skin is so weathered it looks like leather. He has a booming, commanding voice, and seems both pleasant and focused.


Story: All of the heroes have been traveling to Trondheim to answer Jarl Haakon’s summons, for adventurers far and wide to cross the seas to Hellasaland. As they have made their way through the hold, they have heard stories of Jarl Haakon, some good, many bad. When the heroes eventually arrived at Vardaborg, they were granted an audience with Jarl Haakon (due to them having missives from both Hogni in Bergen and old gatekeeper Gisli from Vardingbriga). Inside the hall, Jarl Haakon was listening to a skaldic competition of stories between different skalds. Brynja immediately jumped into the competition, singing a tale of the heroes’ journey through the hold, showing artifacts of their stories at different points in the tale. The Jarl immediately congratulated her and her fellows, and told them to eat at his table.
After this, the characters spoke with him, delivering their messages, and asking him for things. When asked to repair Vardingbriga, he immediately agreed, saying that he was sending troops in the morning but he will increase the guard and send architects as well. He also proceeded to make the three huskarls of Bergen – Hogni, Asger, and Ljotstein – into the village’s new Thanes. Finally, he asked Hardy as to where he obtained his shield, since it bore the crest of the Bringas Family. Hardy diplomatically responded that they had found it, and that he had not seen Thane Bringas.
Once all the heroes’ business was concluded, Jarl Haakon invited them back that night for dinner, and to watch the blot before the journey. The heroes also have a statue from their successful fight at the Holmdall that indicates they must sit at the seat of honor at the meal that evening.
Throughout the conversation, it was apparent to most of the heroes that the Jarl was not telling them everything, but this did not seem all that surprising. They also know that Jarl Haakon had married Brunhilde, who was (by adoption) his stepdaughter, which is pretty weird.

Jarl Haakon Heruls the Grey

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