Jarl Inghart Sigfinnur


Status: Deceased
Alignment: LN
Description: Only known in legend, Jarl Inghart Sigfinnur is presumedly the last Jarl of the Wash, with his hall located at the Falls of Thorisvaten. The name of the hall is lost to antiquity.


Story: Brynja was able to relay the story of the Jarl’s hall to everyone. According to her:

“Many years ago, The Wash was ruled by its own jarl (it is a herseland now). This jarl’s name was Inghart Sigfinnur. He was a brave and proud man, but prone to arrogance and foolishness. One midsummer’s night as he and his wife lay down to rest, one of the wildest and fellest of the fey, a goblin, suddenly rose from the darkness of the room. The fey told them that the jarl’s wife was with child, and that the fey had come to offer him a great gift; give to them his firstborn to be their prince, and the Wash would have peace throughout his lifetime.
Yet Inghart was foolish, and immediately roused himself to fight the fey. He hurled his spear at the beast, pinning it to the floor, but with it’s dying breaths it simply smiled and said to accept the gift.
Time went by, and it was discovered that the jarl’s wife was indeed pregnant, and a great rejoicing resounded from the land. After many months, the lady of the Wash was to give birth, and on the eve of her labor an old crone showed up at the gates of the hall. She entered and warned Jarl Sigfinnur that great evil would befall him if he did not grant his firstborn to the fey, that his royal blood be joined with the fey, even those as foul as the goblins. Yet the jarl again would have none of it. He abused the old seer, throwing her from his halls unceremoniously and taking all that she had. As she limped away, she pronounced a curse on the jarl; that by the same time the next day, every one of them would be frozen in Hel itself.
The next day, the jarl’s wife entered labor and gave birth to a son. Not ten minutes had passed when the doors of the hall opened, and there before the Jarl was the beastial King of the goblin fey, accompanied by his retinue. He demanded his price for safeguarding the Wash; the son of the jarl. But even before he had finished, the jarl threw his spear at the King, and summoned his karls in the hall to war in a fury of Nidr.
It was not to be, for the King of the fey cried out his last command in anguish as he fell to his death. He had brought with him the entire nation of the fey, and they collapsed upon the Hall. Not a single Vyk escaped alive. Once everyone had been put to death, the fey took the babe, and made him their new king. The old hall, it is said, was the center of their kingdom for a long time, but has since passed to even more foul and fell beasts. No one has been
there in a long time. It is a shame, too, for it is said that when The Wash was yet a hold, it was very prosperous, and much of the wealth of the land made it’s way to Sigfinnur’s Hall. The fey have no use or desire for shiny things, so much of that may yet remain, if someone has the bravery and skill to breach the terrible beasts that now inhabit its grounds.”

Jarl Inghart Sigfinnur

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