Jurik's Gang


Status: Deceased
Alignment: CE
Description: A band of highwaymen, theives, and raiders operating along the stretch of road between Bergen and Trondheim.


Story: Jurik and the huskarls in his company entered Bergen with a demanding attitude, ostensibly attempting to get out of there with money, women, and supplies. However, they were met by the combined company of the heroes, who would not accept such an attitude, and a fight broke out. Jurik along with most of his huskarls were killed; however, Myris and many of the thieves still yet remained. They set up a raid for later that night, with some of the thieves dropping cockatrices into the Thane’s bedroom, while the rest killed the guards, stole horses, and then charged into town, lighting buildings on fire and attacking the residents. However, the combination of the village’s own huskarls as well as the heroes managed to win the day. The gang’s camp and stash was found by the heroes the next day.

Jurik's Gang

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