Lady Brunhilde Heruls


Status: Alive
Alignment: Unknown
Description: Lady of Sjorshold, Jarless of Halla Heruls. She is Jarl Haakon Heruls’ wife. She has long sandy-brown hair, hazel eyes, an elegant disposition, and a beautiful, long flowing gown. She is gorgeous. She is also heavily pregnant.


Story: When the heroes walked up to the jarl’s table in Vardaborg, Brunhilde greeted them graciously. She then proceeded to read the correspondence that the Jarl had read, and discussed some of those things with him from time to time. Marit sat in front of her and attempted to engage her in small talk, but this didn’t work too well. At the very least, however, Lady Brunhilde told Marit of her life story; that she was borne in Bornholm to her mother and father, that Jarl Haakon took the herse and married her mother, that he had never officially adopted her and when the Jarl returned he married her in turn, and that she had lived in these holds ever since. She told the heroes that she would look forward to seeing them that night at dinner and the ceremony, and graciously wished them farewell.

Lady Brunhilde Heruls

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