Lady Elanora Borgensheim


Status: Alive
Alignment: NG
Description: A beautiful, elegant elven woman that the heroes encountered at the gates of Trondheim. She is ostensibly married to Alfold Borgensheim, also called Alfold the Just. She was unerringly graceful and noble. She is also from Alfenheim, the realm of the Elves, and would be considered one of the “First Descent Fey,” literally a diety in Midgard.


Story: When the heroes got to the gates, two small halfling children attempted to enter into the town (even providing money so that they could get in), yet were rebuffed and kicked to the dirt. Lady Elanora immediately intervened, telling the guard that the two children were her thralls (slaves), and that they must enter with her. She stepped down and picked the two up, thanking Brynja for helping them out of the dirt, and even though the guards were willing to let her and her husband in at that moment, she and Alfold declined, waiting for the heroes to enter first. Once inside, the heroes lost track of her, though it is assumed that she and Alfold made their way to Vardaborg.
The heroes met up with the Borgensheims again as they trekked to the Vardaborg following their victory at the Holmdall. Needing some time to rest, as Hardy and Aric were both exhausted from the uphill walk, Ulric waved down a passing cart; to the heroes’ collective pleasure, this cart was that occupied by Lady Elanora and her husband, Alfold the Just, as well as their daughter Lydia.
In preparation for asking for a lift, Ulric presented Lady Elanora with the statuette of Freyja that the heroes acquired on their journey in. The elven woman took the gift graciously, and offered to take them all to the Vardaborg and to sit with them, if desired. Five of them jumped aboard the cart, riding in the back with Lydia (Valko walked, as he and his shield were too big to carry), and they made their way to the Vardaborg. Lady Elanora informed the heroes that her husband loved to tell stories, and that they might well avail themselves of a story once at the great hall.
Once at the great hall, Lady Elanora was astonished (as was her husband) that the heroes were the guests of honor, and very politely and humbly took seats at their sides with the Jarl. Marit and Lady Elanora then struck up a conversation wherein Elanora discussed her background. She was born in Alfenheim to a noble elven family about 400 years ago, making her relatively young for an Elf. She became an aristocratic administrator, governing a satrapy in the realm of the Elves for several centuries before she was called by the king of the elves to lead an expedition into Midgard. She would see to it that elven settlements north of the human region of Norvik was established, and eventually, under her guidance, there were elven villages dotting the northern shores. Yet a “short while ago”, by her reckoning (probably more than 30 years ago), the jotnar became much more active in her region. They attacked her town and destroyed it, taking her prisoner. While in the cave of a Frost Jotnar (Frost Giant), she was “rescued” by a foolish young Vyk man who killed a Jotnar threatening her, and then promptly proceeded to pass out. She then carried him out of the cave. It was at that point that Alfold the Just butted in, and informed the heroes that he would tell the “real story.”
Elanora and her husband were both present at the blot later that evening. During it, the heroes continued to be somewhat disruptive looking for Lydia, and Elanora shushed them several times. When Lydia confessed that she had stolen her father’s spare trunk key, Elanora remained with her, though her tone was chastising and Lydia followed her at a discrete distance back to the great hall. Elanora and Alfold have both settled down for the night – with Lydia between them, ostensibly to keep her from getting into more trouble. While Lady Elanora does not have to sleep, she seem to rest with her husband.
It is obvious that Lady Elanora has had many adventures. The indication that she was able to carry Alfold out of the Frost Jotnar’s cave, as well as ward off any dangers thus encountered, seems to say that she is no slouch in a fight as well. While from her very nature she exudes magic, she does not seem to be a caster; it is possible that she is an aristocratic class, and more than likely higher level than the heroes.

Lady Elanora Borgensheim

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