Merchant Sven Honningsvelt


Status: Alive
Alignment: N
Description: Traveling Merchant that set up shop at the camp at Vardingbriga. He was fairly jovial and pleasant to be around, offered the characters good deals, and decided to set up shop semi-permanently at the crossing. He was wearing well-tailored clothing and had a huskarl bodyguard.


Story: When the heroes first entered Vardingbriga, Sven was there enjoying himself with mead, hot food, and song with the gathered halflings. He also had a bodyguard, a dark, brooding Vyk man who kept to himself, did not socialize with others, and watched everyone with suspicion. Sven offered his wares to the heroes, and he was the main market/supply for the early sessions. At the moment, he has taken it upon himself to set up shop at Vardingbriga (semi-permanently), and is even offering an inn of sorts (renting sleeping space in a large, Nordic pavilion tent for 2 gp a night).

Merchant Sven Honningsvelt

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