Saedrmancer Ayla


Status: Alive
Alignment: CN
Description: The Saedrmancer of Bergen. It is unsure if this is a permanent residence for her or not. Ayla is very beautiful but very foreboding. She wears her white hair straight and long, curled and braided in arcane patterns on her head. Her clothing is cut in very dark, gothic styles and themes. She exudes a sense of dark allure.


Story: The heroes encountered her when they came to acquire potions and hear of their future. She performed an augury, while asking one question; “What destiny awaits those ones on their journey to the jarl?” The answer was cryptic:

“Weal and woe I see ahead;
For a trip to there is filled with dread;
And hope that you will heal and mend;
For glory is yours at journey’s end.”

She then allowed the heroes to purchase potions from her. Later that night, following the fight with the highwaymen, Ayla was called to restore some of them to consciousness. The following day, the heroes pulled the remains of Ellie and Thane Rikart Hardhart to her shop and asked her to remain steward of them until the heroes return, which she agreed to. She stated that the only one she knew of that could remove this curse was a wise and powerful seeress of the north, named Marmora.
Ayla then pulled Ulric aside, and in a dark voice told him this:
“Take great care on the journey ahead. Do not think that I invite the winter to my home for just anyone. Some unbelievable essence, a power of incomprehensible darkness, has caught sight of you and your companions. It is not of this realm, it is not of this reality. Even the incredible vision of the Aesir can catch only glimpses of its fleeting darkness. I fear it may have designs beyond the torrid fruits gleaned through usurping mortal lives.”
She then told him that she “knew of his plans,” i.e. that he was attracted to her, and she asked him to come see her again the next time he came through this village. She then kissed him and gave him a “Endure Elements” spell.

Saedrmancer Ayla

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