Serving Girl Ellie (last name unknown)


Status: Deceased
Alignment: NG
Description: The very pretty serving girl from Bergensala. She had brown hair and wore a normal peasant girl bodice with a white tunic and russet skirt. She was quite demure and somewhat elegant for being a common girl.


Story: She was extremely polite to the karls and the heroes and was very quick in getting them their orders, keeping their cups and drinking horns completely full for the entire night. When the heroes first got to Bergensala, Solvar began running circles around her feet as she attempted to bring food and drinks to the people at the tables. Instead of getting mad at him, she laughed good-naturedly and tried to put down her food and pet him; every time, he scampered away, and made a game of it with her as she laughed and tried to get things to people without tripping over him. Eventually, Solvar actually tripped her and a platter fell to the ground – but little Solvar moved himself right under it when it fell, so that he caught it. After that, Solvar stopped trying to trip her, and let Ellie pet him, and he remained close to her for the majority of the night. He even let her pick him up, to an exclamation by Ellie of “He’s so fluffy!”
Later that night, Thane Rikart asked her to sleep with him, which she did; yet during the night, the raiders managed to lower three cockatrices into the room through the fireplace. As they attacked the two of them in bed, Ellie screamed (alerting everyone that something was happening), and ran for the doorway of the room. Yet a cockatrice caught up with her first and she was turned to stone, just in front of the door. Later, when Hardy and Ulric came to check everything out, they smashed the door in – and toppled the statue of Ellie, shattering it. The pieces of her statue now lie in Ayla’s hut.

Serving Girl Ellie (last name unknown)

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