Thane Alfold Borgensheim the Just


Status: Alive
Alignment: LG
Description: An old Thane, veteran of the first trip across the seas. He seemed both kind and strong, and stately old gentleman. He is ostensibly married to Lady Elanora, the elven woman.


Story: The heroes encountered him only after Lady Elanora spoke up in defense of the two halfling children. After the guard asked for Lady Elanora’s name, Alfold told them his name, her name, and the names of the others with them. He then proceeded to help Elanora back into the saddle of his horse, and put the children up on the horse’s saddle as well. He then proceeded to walk the rest of the way, guiding the horse. Once inside, they walked beyond the heroes’ sight, though it is assumed that they made their way to Vardaborg.
The heroes again met up with the Borgensheims as they sought to reenter Vardaborg for the evening meal. Needing some time to rest, as Hardy and Aric were both exhausted from the uphill walk, Ulric waved down a passing cart; to the heroes’ collective pleasure, this cart was that occupied by Lady Elanora and her husband, Alfold the Just, as well as their daughter Lydia.
After being invited aboard by Lady Elanora, Alfold smiled genially and proceeded to drive the heroes all the way to the fortress (aside from Valko, who elected to walk). Like his wife, Alfold invited the heroes graciously, and offered them to sit with he and his family, if desired. During the drive, as Lady Elanora consistently discussed her husband’s love of telling stories, Alfold would chuckle softly.
Once at the great hall, Thane Alfold was astonished (as was his wife) that the heroes were the guests of honor, and very politely and humbly took seats at their sides with the Jarl. Alfold, as an old companion of the Jarl, was greeted by the ruler with a big bear hug and an invitation to the table. The two of them spoke at length as soon as everyone sat down to eat. Eventually, as Lady Elanora regailed about her experiences and her meeting of Alfold, Alfold felt compelled to intervene and tell his version of the story. This began a huge triapse of storytelling that enthralled everyone at the table and held the heroes enrapt.
Alfold stated that he’s traveled to many corners of the world, from all parts of Vilkinaland, to the lands beyond the seas to the west, to the southlands of the Kelts, and even north to Konigslunde. On one such journey to the northlands, he and his group of adventurers were traveling near a place called Norvik when they were beset upon by Frost Jotnar. The jotnar killed all his companions, and took him (either for food, as a slave, or for sport) back to their lair. When he awoke, he was in an ice cavern room with bones and debris on the floor. All of a sudden, a Frost Worm burst from the wall beside him. He brandished a nearby femur to fight it. It froze him nearly to the bone, but he managed to land a lucky shot on it and kill it. He then ran out, trying to keep away from the Jotnar, when he reached an outcropping; below him was a Frost Jotnar trying to rape a beautiful elven woman. Taking the broken femur bone in his hand, he lept from the outcropping onto the Jotnar’s head, piercing its skull and killing it. Unfortunately, he knocked himself out in doing so. When he awoke, he was on the back of a horse, wrapped up, and the elven woman was leading him away from the cave. Such was the meeting of he and Elanora, and the start of their adventures together.
Alfold then continued on to relay a story about himself in the southlands, fighting the Kelts. He was hired by one of the Saxon jarls to strike back at a group of Kelts that had taken one of his coastal villages. Alfold and his fellows attacked from the sea, as was the wont of a true Vyk raider. They quickly overwhelmed the defenders and moved out to pillage the town, when lo and behold a single man on horseback approached them. He was covered in fine armor, as was his horse, and prettied up with all manner of tassles, tabards, traceries, coats, and feathers. Every one of the Vyks stopped to laugh at him, as they all thought him an absolutely rediculous sight. Then the horseman charged, and slaughtered the Vyks as if they were nothing at all. Alfold was injured and knocked unconscious; when he awoke, he found that he was in the medical ward of the horseman’s keep along with the few other survivors from his company. The Keltic knight had ordered the survivors cared for, and even though Alfold feared the worst when he showed up in the ward, the Keltic horseman simply asked for their parole, gave them provisions to get back to their lands, and sent them on their way. When the survivors returned to the jarl’s hall, the jarl was furious, demanding that they go back out and fight this upstart Kelt. Alfold’s response was succinct; “You go fight him,” and he and his company departed.
Alfold and Elanora were both present at the blot later that evening. Alfold remained quiet, though his wife shushed the heroes every time they made noise. Following Lydia’s revelation that she had stolen her father’s trunk key, Alfold was visibly annoyed, and asked the heroes to check his belongings. He then proceeded to take his trunk of valuables and place them inside the Vardaborg’s great hall, guarded by 5 guards, and replaced the lock. He and Elanora have both settled down for the night – with Lydia between them, ostensibly to keep her from getting into more trouble.
It is obvious that Thane Alfold has had many adventures, more than the heroes and likely more than even his wife Elanora. In addition, the underlying message in his stories seems to indicate that he had a very humble past, and probably trained as a huskarl prior to being elevated as a thane.

Thane Alfold Borgensheim the Just

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