Thane Asger Erikson


Status: Alive
Alignment: LN
Description: One of the huskarls at Bergensala, a very serious, world-knowing man. He is fairly cut, with a strong jawline and cheekbones, a shaved head, and a bit of stubble that’s groomed into a goatee.


Story: Different from most other huskarl’s they’ve come across, Asger was very intelligent and had a great deal of common sense. He spoke first to Brynja, asking her if she was a spellcaster, which she (very cautiously) confirmed; he then went on to say that he’d had no problems with skalds, they were the best kind of people to take out into the wildlands, and praised her and her companions entering Bergen. He also introduced all of the others.
He has quite a knowledge of the region, and was able to contribute much to the heroes’ knowledge of the local situation. He was able to inform them that all the troubles started when the jarl left, and blames much of it on the jarl. He is also cognizant that the jarl has sent out men throughout the hold to take care of things, but isn’t convinced of how much good it will do. He also let them know that there are wild folk from the Lukkevend coming down and raiding settlements, as well as Uruks from the Starstind Mountains, and confirmed what the Jarl did to marry his stepdaughter (Which wasn’t totally known at that point). He does not have a very good opinion of the Jarl.
During the night, he apparently looked too tough to deal with, so the highwaymen left him alone. However, when the raiders returned, Asger made his way outside and fought them, killing two thieves by his own hands. He also remained awake with his compatriots, Ljotstein, Hogni, and Bjorn, and helped put out the fires that had been started. He scoffed at Hogni’s request for the heroes to deliver a message to the Jarl, but was genuinely surprised and happy when Hogni requested that all three of them (Hogni, Ljotstein, and Asger) be promoted to Thanes to govern the village. Due to the heroes’ requests, this has happened, and Asger is now a Thane of the village of Bergen.

Thane Asger Erikson

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