Thane Hogni Stefanson


Status: Alive
Alignment: LG
Description: Another one of the huskarls at Bergensala. Like Asger, Hogni is a very serious man. However, he is much more light-hearted and optimistic than his fellow. He’s got sandy-blond hair cut short, and a pleasant disposition, cracking jokes every once and then.


Story: Another intelligent huskarl, Hogni got himself involved in the conversation about politics that Asger had with the heroes. Unlike Asger, Hogni’s attitude is one of understanding and reconciliation towards the Jarl; he has a much higher opinion of him than Asger did. He told the heroes that unlike before, the Jarl is now only taking men from outside the hold; that his return has rejuvinated everything; and that he only married Brunhilde to maintain control over her herseland, Bornholm. Despite his polar opposite views from Asger, the two men seem to get along and worked well together in the fights later that night.
During the evening, Hogni almost got involved in the fight against the highwaymen (coming up alongside Brynja), but was held in check by a stern look from Thane Rikart Hardhart (as it would be interfering with the heroes’ Holmgang). He did, however, fight competently against the raiders later that night, killing a thief, and stayed up to help put out the fires. When dawn came, he was the one to do all the talking to wish the heroes well on their journey. He informed them that the Jarl would be leaving soon, and for them to hurry; he also gave them a note, with his seal, that would grant them an audience with the Jarl. The purpose was to either return a Thane to the village (as Thane Rikart had thence been killed) or promote the three primary huskarls of the village (Hogni, Ljotstein, and Asger) to the position of Thane. The Jarl agreed with Hogni’s assessment, and promoted Hogni to the position of Thane of Bergen.

Thane Hogni Stefanson

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