Thane Ljotstein the Bear


Status: Alive
Alignment: NG
Description: Another one of the huskarls the heroes encountered at Bergen. He was an older, very rambunctious and jovial man. He has a shocking head of red hair and a heavily braided beard to match, and would seem a dwarf if not for his accent and his attitude. He was genuinely pleasant and made it his mission to ensure everyone was brought immediately to the tableside and given food and drink.


Story: Ljotstein was first seen pulling his elkhound, Aldo, off of Valko and Ulric as they entered Bergensala. He greeted everyone with a hearty handshake, a slap on the back, and a deep, rumbling laugh. He also made quips to the lady characters about how he hadn’t seen such beauty in quite some time (which was decidedly rebuffed by Marit), and that it was a cause to celebrate, then whisked them away to the table. He facilitated much of the conversation with the heroes at the table, singing when Brynja sang, laughing at their jokes, and asking them about their adventures (and listening intently as they spoke of such adventures). Despite his goofiness, Ljotstein has a very serious side to him which was brought out during the attack against the raiders that night; he fought off and killed the last huskarl himself with a great roar and flash of his red beard. He also remained up all night to help combat the fires, and was one of the huskarls (with Asger and Hogni) that saw the heroes off the following day (and requested assistance for the village). Due to the characters’ actions, he has now been promoted to Thane over the village of Bergen.

Thane Ljotstein the Bear

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