Thane Rikart Hardhart


Status: Deceased
Alignment: LG
Description: One of the three Thanes of Bergen, the only one remaining in the village while the expedition is gathered in Trondheim. He’s fairly handsome, with long curly hair, and has a gentle, almost serene, disposition. When the heroes dealt with him, he had a very kind, polite disposition.


Story: When the heroes entered Bergensala, he very much entertained them in the way that a leader is expected to. He also followed the rules of his position to the letter. He requested the heroes’ names, their purpose, and 2 gold from each of them to stay the night in the hall. He then informed the heroes that Bergen has no herse, and he and two other Thanes were the only ones in charge. The other two Thanes were in Trondheim for the journey, and he expected they would leave to go across the sea. He also told the characters that they were welcome to stay in the town but they must leave within the next day if they were to arrive in Trondheim in time.
Later that night, he was accosted by the highwaymen, and demanded the same from them – their names, their purpose, and 2 gold from each of them. To this, the leader of the highwaymen, Jurik, scoffed, demanding his credentials, to which Thane Hardhart responded, “All the rights this chair and this axe give me.” Jurik begrudgingly complied, but not before his men got into trouble and started a fight with the heroes. Thane Hardhart implicitly supported this, telling the others to stand down and “not interfere with the proceedings of this holmgang,” effectively legalizing the heroes’ right to kill those bastards. Later that night, he went to sleep accompanied by Ellie, when the raiders returned – dropping three cockatrices through the fireplace into his room. He awoke first, hearing the beasts moaning and scratching about, and attempted to shield Ellie from them – but was turned to stone. He is still a statue, and now lies in Ayla’s hut.

Thane Rikart Hardhart

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