The Bringas Family


Status: Deceased
Alignment: LN
Description: The family that Thane Bringas left behind when he crossed the seas with Jarl Haakon.


Story: Some years ago, the Bringas farmstead was beseiged by Uruks. The raiders killed two of their number, Faergen and Hilde, and the rest made their way into the cellars of the farm. They remained down there, hidden by blocked passages, until one of their number named Haan decided to leave and venture out on his own (while resisting the commands of the rest of the family). He was killed in the rooms above. The Uruks then found the location of the cellar, and got even closer to the family. With tensions running high, eventually the family ran out of food, and people began to get sick and die. The eldest man in the family, Jorgen, then ordered that they begin eating the dead family members. Eventually this turned into a diabolical cannibalism, and Jorgen began to kill the family simply in order to eat them. All of the Bringas’ family members were killed and eaten, and for his sins Jorgen returned in undeath as a ghoul.

The Bringas Family

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