Spell Resistance

Spell Resistance (SR) is a feature that represents an entity’s resistance to being affected by magic. Spells will fail against a creature with Spell Resistance unless a caster level check is made to overcome that SR.

In this version of the game, we will use an opposed Spell Resistance mechanic. The offensive character (the one casting the spell) will make a roll using the character’s Caster Level + any bonuses to caster level + any spell penetration feats + a d20. The defensive character (the one that is the target of the spell) will make a roll using its Spell Resistance + a d20. An example is as follows:

Hilde is a 10th-Level Saedrmancer with the Spell Penetration and Spell Focus (Enchantment) feats. She attempts to cast Hold Monster on a Hezrou. Her base caster check is 13 (10 Caster Level + 2 Spell Penetration + 1 Spell Focus) versus the Hezrou’s SR of 14. The two of them will then make a roll; if Hilde’s roll is higher, she will manage to hit the Hezrou with the spell; if the Hezrou’s roll is higher, he will be immune to the spell.

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Spell Resistance

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