Vyk tribes

These are the varying clans of Vyklings that are spread across the Northlands. While most of the clans are on Vilkinaland, almost half of them are spread out amongst other various small islands, valleys, and moorlands in the region.

Vyk clans tend to regard one another as being completely different, even though they share the same language, religion, and culture across clans and holds. Only members of the same tribe are generally viewed as being the same “people” as another, though even within a tribe the various people may fight over causes of family, lord, or simple jealousy. Usually, each tribe has a Hold associated with it, and a single Jarl presides over each Hold (and hence, each clan). Thus, it would not be uncommon to hear something such as:

Jarl Haakon the Grey, Lord of the Heruls (he is referred to as ruler of his clan, rather than ruler of the Hold of Sjorshold, which is actually his possession).

Some of the prominent Vyk clans are:
The Danes
The Donar
The Fanes
The Geats
The Gotti
The Granlings
The Gutar
The Helsing
The Heruls
The Jutes
The Kalmar
The Norviks
The Olren
The Saxons
The Skadi
The Skanes
The Soder
The Svendes
The Vargi
The Wends
The Ynglings

Vyk tribes

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