World Information

The seeress steps forward from the smoky hearth, her face shrouded, her voice raspy.

“The world has called you, battle-born.
The world of fire and ice has called you.
Yours is the land of kings.
Of power and death and evil unbound.
Of Midgard I speak, the greatest of the Halls,
whence eagle-breath pours from all sides.
Long were the nights of weeping
Under the boughs of the troll-wife’s bed,
beneath the screaming shroud of strife.
Of old were the days that the Mighty Jotnar,
terrible and cruel, consumed by greed,
erupted from their primordial slumber,
to lay the land upon its back,
to hold all with Kvasir’s-ransom.

A backwards time it was,
When the lowest thronged on high,
when the hearthfire rang out in glory
to the scion of the thrice-high-sire.
Yet it was not without trifle,
for the bane of Amthrusia, Buri’s kin,
would come seeking vindication for the wrongs
inflicted by the half-blood masters.

For through the singing of the ages
Came the Father of Power, Mighty Bahamut,
Strewing secrets unfathomable across the middle-realm.
With the greatest equity he vent his blood,
His nest-fruit herald and harbinger alike,
Giving power to those he wished,
to the beseeching, to young and old,
wise and foolish, man and not-man, to fated ones
the weavers fancied, subdued with Norn-string.
Great stone-sheets quivered, and toppled,
falling like ripe apples from the tree,
and all the world trembled, as reeds in a stiff wind,
at the sating of serpent-might,
at the unknowing of the Lightning-End.

And lo, they did descend, the noble Aesir,
Giving to mankind gifts without equal;
Honor, Courage, Loyalty, Wisdom;
The wages of the lynching curse.
Caressing their people within the bonds of mercy,
To them did they teach vengeance and respect,
Respect, for the gifts of Dragonkind bestowed them.
And so the war commenced, the first war,
The last war, covering all realms
from the edges of the seas to the crests of the mountains,
through the realms of life and death and all
forest and moor and dale and shadow inbetween.
Until all lay broken and battered before,
The valkyrie’s harvest reaped and sown,
The end of the sword-age, the blood-age.
A saga of giants hewn and drowned beneath the swelling tide
of kinsblood, of Ymir’s fate before the well-drawer,
and of Graendel, the prey of Konungsala’s keeper,
the great king of men, Fjolnir the Blessed.

So take with you this taste of legends,
Fashioned by Sturlesson, seasoned by the Scorn-Shout,
and know that it is a dish not yet prepared.
It calls to you to finish it,
That its will be fulfilled, and if it be so,
Where then will you go? Alas, I fear the answer
to this second question more than my first;
What then will you be?

Only you may decide. What is the Saga you wish to tell, Midgardian?"

World Information

This is some general information about the world, things that are commonly known to most people. If there is any kind of specific information that only one person would know over another, I will provide it to that player on a case-by-case basis.

The Current Situation – This is what is currently occurring in the world, and what is affecting the characters at the beginning of the game.

World Geography – What the world looks like, where things are, and what you as players know of the world to this point.

World Lore – History, stories, legends, that sort of thing.

Mythos – The dieties, supernaturals, the 9 realms, monsters, so on.

World Politics – What you know of peoples, holds, cities, and those important folks that are in control.

World Information

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